Option 2: The Obscure Poetry Blog (aka the only thing you can do with a poetry degree)

November 9, 2015?

I partied till I coughed up glitter

in an IHOP on Ambassador Cafferey.

A necklace made of babies

dances in my head. My skin tastes

like Champagne. I wanted waffles,

and asked everyone to call me

Leslie Knope. The hole

in the water balloon labeled “THANK YOU”

tasted like expired Red’s Apple Ale.

I have the song from Frozen

in my head.¹ My skin tastes like

Champagne and there’s a pillow

dressed like Elton John in my bed.

This is not my house.





  1.  We had frozen margaritas so I sang both sides of the duet for “Love is an Open Door.”




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