Quiche (Because it’s a great word!)

“Dear God! Stop flailing, you’ll break the fishtanks!”

I try to act out Scientology without mentioning Tom Cruise

and it comes out like a scientist praising Jesus badly. ‘1 point.’

Even though we weren’t keeping points

cause the guy getting drunk off Margaritas from a bottle ate the paper.

At drink 3,

bees comes out like bees?

and Kung Fu Panda looks more like “A pregnant ninja doing Karate!” ‘10 points for guessing.’

Miming a quiche looks like flaying a fish. ‘12 points for getting everyone involved though.’

Standing around confused for three minutes

then doing “the matrix”

is obviously Keanu Reeves. ‘5 points to him.’

And Ninja Turtles eating pizza

becomes “Stick out your penis and go to church!”


Game over at 12.


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