Deeper into a Pool named Unique and Sexy

Though I like to think she pronounces it

“Uni-quwe!” warms up the crowd.

The flashing sign above them blinks “Welcome to Hi     V      !”

Businessmen shout to them

in something that could be English

Mental note to remember Yamacon,

a Comicon strictly for Jewish superheroes.

The not so business-looking men

are passed out in the darker corners.

Your next poem title “A Guide to the Perfect Suicide”

line one: “Location Location Location!”

They start the musical

number, singing “Downtown”

by Petula Clark. The waitress,

for more tips, chokes on a cherry stem

decides to go straight for the nip slip.

He manages to yell out “le tits now!”

back at her, forcing a 10 into her bra.



Where it’s always hot and wet!

like Vietnam!


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