Diva Cup

They said:

“Give it a try”

“It’s better for the environment; tampons are bad for you”

“It’s so convenient, you only have to change it twice a day”


So I chose my size

and paid $30.


I tried you sitting down.

I tried you standing up.

I tried you in the shower.


Now I hate you.

A folded rubber cup

in the form of

  1. a hot-dog on a bun

Twice a day is too much!

or B. a SHARP triangle

turning 360 degrees, waiting

for the reassuring “pop”

has become the worst form

of Jack-in-the-Box.


Pulling out is the only option

when it comes time to clean.

But that becomes a game

of “catch-the-soap” only I get to play.


Now you sit, next to Honey Jack

waiting for the promotion to shot glass.


Follow this link for the demo video http://divacup.com/ for a “better” period experience.



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