The Making of Tiny Shorts: A Self Interview

People stop me on the street to ask me how Tiny Shorts came to be, or they are mad about the ending. So, this is for you, my mom.

How did Tiny Shorts start?

Well, I was at Muay Thai one day and thought, those are some tiny shorts. I bet they feel great for people with penises. 

Is the character based on a real person?

I get this question so much. Mark [Tiny Shorts] was not based on any one person, but the shorts are based on shorts owned by a friend of mine. They don’t glow but they are still cool.

Were people upset about the time difference between the original and the revamp?

Well, with any story, people wanted to know more. But I didn’t want Tiny Shorts to be an endlessly story of the same thing. So I decided to leave it up to the reader to fill in the blank between the original and the revamp.

How did your readers react to the ending?

The readers seemed to be upset that I destroyed the shorts, but I think the ending sent a message that it’s not about super powers or defeating evil. It’s about a relationship between two men that believe in each other.  Mark and Steve bond over defeating Baggy Pants by pantsing him, and they can finally accept themselves.

What’s next for Tiny Shorts?

He still has adventures with Steve helping each other and finding trouble occasionally.

Will we ever read some of those adventures?

I haven’t written anything yet. But you’ll be the first to know, because I’ll post it.



This questions came from no one, but if you wanted to know it, here it is. If you really have questions comment or tweet @amylynn_peace.


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